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Increased loyalty, increased bookings. Take advantage of pent-up demand. Use your channel to enlighten, educate and inspire

Marketers Who Use Video See 

reduction in length of sales cycle


improvement in average deal size and contract value


increase in marketing's contribution to revenue

Open Your Virtual Doors

Show viewers that you have what they want most. From overall property tours to spotlighting outlets and amenities, building your channel on Gather is a way to keep your property top of mind.

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Grow Hotel Direct

Booking right from the source. Add links and QR codes to your channel to promote direct booking. Viewers are more than 6x more likely to book a hotel after watching video. Share your special offers and travel deals to more than 160 million travelers giving them the ability to book now instead of later.

Build Loyalty

Loyalty is about showing loyalty to your guests. Travelers crave connection. Build that connection by marketing to your likes and followers. See which content resonates with them and create more. Share behind the scenes takes, real customer reviews, and interviews with the businesses that surround your property.

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