Intelligent Search

Viewers can find what they need quickly and easily.

GatherTV, example of categorized and segmented sections

Categorized and Segmented

We put the content that we know viewers want to see up front. Content is segmented by destination, brand, series, and channel. 

Sensible Search

Gather uses intelligent tagging to tag content for easy search. Viewers can search by searching by destination, activity, or channel. Every piece of content is tagged with a destination so content can stand alone or be found in a destinations channel.  

Gathertv, city on a tv
searching on mobile phone

Channel Categories

Travelers can use our Categories page to quickly and easily find what they’re looking for.

Where To Find Gather

Launch Your Custom Channel For Free

There is no complicated software to upload or learn. Cancelation is easy. You own your content without any exclusivity. Gather partners with the travel and tourism industry to help brands grow engaged and loyal customers.

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No software to install

No complicated system to learn

Easy to use, simple CMS